System Software Updaters


Minimum system requirements

Intel® Pentium® 120 with MIDI sound card or external MIDI port running Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 or greater.


1. Download the zip file to your computer.
2. Open the file using WinZip® or another Windows unzip utility and select "Install," OR extract the files to a temporary directory and run setup.exe.
3. View the ReadMe file located in the Updater directory for information on this software update.
4. Run Updater from the Start menu.


• Close all programs before running Updater.
• Updater is not compatible with sound cards and MIDI ports that continually transmit Active Sensing messages. Most do not, however this feature must be disabled on devices that do before attempting an update.

The JM-150 uses FLASH memory to store the Operating System Software, allowing you to update your Millennium at your convenience. The links above contain the applications necessary for updating a JM150 using a PC (a Mac version is in progress) as long as you have a MIDI interface connected to your computer.

NOTE: The DOS updater has been tested succesfully when using MPU-401 DOS compatible MIDI cards...although many cards with MIDI are listed as MPU-401 compatible, they may not be DOS compatible.

Update Notes


December 14, 2000

**NOTE** If the power glitches during the update process, your amplifier may power up with an invalid display.
In this case follow this procedure:

1. Turn off power to the amplifier.
2. Press and hold the Tapit button while turning on the power switch. This should cause the display to read "Waiting for data."
3. Restart the Update procedure by clicking the Update OS button.
JM150 Millennium Upgrade
Revision 1.140
1. Fixed: The master preset level stopped working when a sysx msg (from a computer editor)
changed the configuration
JM150 Millennium Upgrade
Revision 1.132

Description of This Release

IMPORTANT !!! This is a beta version and has not been fully tested.
1. Enter/Exit Tuner restores edited effects including the Fx Loop
2. Configurations now change correctly
3. Fixed foot controller bug when volume pedal was set to off and then power turned off
then foot controller unpluged then power on and no sound
JM150 Millennium Upgrade
Revision 1.12

Description of This Release

1. Repaired glitch in initial display for Preset 2
2. Distributed with Updater version 2.03
JM150 Millennium Upgrade
Revision 1.11

Description of This Release

1. Repaired Gain control bug on Boogie MKII models.
2. Repaired various SysEx procedures to facilitate use with MIDI editor software.
3. Repaired Master Dry Level behavior (wet dry balance now works correctly).
4. Repaired Global Cabinet Emulator display.
5. Paul is the Walrus...
JM150 Millennium Upgrade
Revision 1.05
Description of This Release

1. Fixed Whammy Pedal parameter range from 0 -100 to 0 - 127.
JM150 Millennium Upgrade
Revision 1.04

Description of This Release
1. Removed default parameter settings in version 1.02 for the PEQ6 and the STPEQ6
that were called Fendor 1, Fendor 2, & Fendor 3. This caused problem when dumping presets from older version that needed these settings. These settings were restored but called Curve 1, Curve 2, & Curve 3.

2. Previously the foot pedal position was ignored when changing to a new preset until the pedal was moved. There is now a Utility Menu option to update the Volume Pedal (when linked) with the current pedal position when the preset is changed. The new utility page selects Pedal Update mode. Default is Off, but when switched to On, the Volume Parameter will update automatically reflecting the pedal position when preset is changed.

3. Added seven new Effects: Half Reverse Delay, Full Reverse Delay, Time Warp, Smooth Detune, Half Sampler, Full Sampler, Stereo Sampler.

4. Changed Factory Preset #5 to use the Reverse Delay.

5. Fixed problem when scrolling through effect module #2 of Configuration #10.

6. Slowed down Bulk Dump rate so that slower computers could keep up.

Specifications Subject to Change without Notice

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